Hello and welcome to my website !

Here you will know a bit about myself and my skills as a Software Developer.

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Hey there, Im Shraddha Surve.  I work as a software developer.  Wish to create much more in development field and help human kind to live an easy life with help of technology.

I love to spend my time painting , making custom envelopes, learning about new technologies and writing blogs.



Run your own website on GCP with specific domain(Transfer from local machine to Cloud server)

Hello everyone, In this session we will learn how to setup a website on Google VM instance with a domain name. Prerequisites for this session are as follows : 1. You should have a VM instance with LAMP setup.(Details provided in blog named ‘Create a new VM instance(UNIX based UBUNTU) on Google cloud with LAMP’). …

Create a new VM instance(UNIX based UBUNTU) on Google cloud with LAMP

Let’s start with creating a VM(Virtual Machine) instance on google cloud with (LAMP) stack. 1. Create Virtual host on Google cloud(Referred v.lemonn blog and video) Go to google cloud console.Check in which project your are. Go to left menu and search for Compute Engine. Click on Compute engine. Select ‘VM instances’. Click on ‘CREATE INSTANCE’ …